North Coast Limited Postcards

These three cards advertised the North Coast Limited, but don’t mention air conditioning. This suggests they were issued before 1935.

Click image to download a 287-KB PDF of this postcard.

The first card shows Mt. Rainier, but most of the card is taken up by a poem to the glory of Pacific Northwest scenery. The card says the poem is from Sunset magazine, which is a little ironic as Sunset was originally a publication of the Southern Pacific Railroad.

Click image to download a 152-KB PDF of this postcard.

The second card is a watercolor of Portland with the Vista Avenue Viaduct in the foreground and Mt. Hood in the background. I’m not sure such a view is possible today, but this postcard shows that it was possible in the 1930s. The viaduct was built in 1926, and the colors on the card and lack of a white border suggests it was from after 1930.

Click image to download a 307-KB PDF of this postcard.

Another color card shows the Columbia River Highway. There are many breathtaking scenes along this highway. Too bad NP didn’t use one of them on this card. Instead, the photo could be of a road in California, Tennessee, or just about anywhere with a few hills and coniferous trees near a body of water.

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