The Storied Northwest: 1929

The Spokane Public Library says that this version of The Storied Northwest is from 1929. Although just 20 pages, instead of the 28 in previous editions, the pages are roughly twice as large as the earlier versions, allowing for much larger photos and more text. Although following the same outline and using some of the same photos, the text has been completely rewritten and many of the larger photos are new.

Click image to download a 15.2-MB PDF of this 20-page booklet.

Like the previous editions, much of the text is about the Lewis & Clark Expedition, which makes sense as the NP followed much of their route. However, the cover shows a wagon train over what was probably the old Oregon Trail, which was traversed in the early 1840s by Americans eager to settle on top-quality farmland and to claim Oregon for the United States rather than Britain. This is incongruous as the Oregon Trail was followed more closely by NP competitor Union Pacific. Not surprisingly, then, the text says nothing about wagon trains or the Oregon Trail.

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