NP Blotters from the 1930s

These blotters from the Dale Hastin collection are undated, but most of them advertise the North Coast Limited as being air conditioned, which would put them in the late 1930s. The first blotter, in the shape of a “Great Big Baked Potato,” is almost exactly like one I previously presented here, but Dale’s is in better condition than mine so it is worth repeating.

Click the image of any blotter to download a PDF of that blotter. Blotter PDFs average about 0.5-MB in size.

This blotter doesn’t say anything about air conditioning, but since the next blotter is almost exactly like it except with the words “Air-Conditioned,” I assume the first one was issued a year or two before the second. That would make it around 1933 to 1935.

The second blotter says “Air-Conditioned,” but the subtext says the train was only partially air conditioned (probably the Pullmans, lounge, and diner).

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The earliest report I can find for an air-conditioned North Coast Limited is this advertisement from the July 19, 1936 issue of the Pittsburgh Press, so I suspect the above blotter was also issued in 1936.

The next blotter, however, says the train is “Completely Air-Conditioned.” The blotter also has a January date. The advertisement below from the August 9, 1937 issue of the Spokane Chronicle uses the same phrase, so I presume the blotter is from 1937 or, more likely (because of the January date) 1938.

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Evidently, NP put out a series of blotters featuring its version of Yellowstone bears. This one, dated May, is number 3 in the series, so the railway must have issued only one every other month.

Finally, we have a blotter that has no date and says nothing about air conditioning. So it must be from before 1935 and possibly even from many years before that. Note that it was issued for an agent in San Francisco and urges people to “go home through the Great Northwest,” suggesting it was distributed at a fair such as the 1915 Panama-Pacific exposition.

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