Streamliner City of Portland Menu

Here’s a menu used on the streamlined City of Portland that featured the train’s namesake city on the cover. The city in this pre-1954 view looks much different from today, when there are more and taller skyscrapers and bridges across the Willamette River. But Mt. Hood still looms over the city from the east and Mt. Tabor, in the middle ground of this photo, is still a prominent park.

Click image to download a 1.8-MB PDF of this breakfast menu.

The menu itself is a breakfast menu with an incredible number of choices, ranging from Kadota figs for 40 cents (about $3.50 in today’s dollars) to lamb chops (with fruit or cereal, bread, and beverage) for $2.35 (about $20 in today’s dollars). French toast, griddle cakes, ten kinds of cereal, omelets, and a variety of combinations are all also on the menu.

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