Mt. Shasta Menu

This wrap-around, black-and-white menu is undated but is from the same series as yesterday’s, so it likely to be from around 1939. The photo caption implies that the view in the photo is “seen from the train,” but it is not. While SP’s Shasta route offered great views of Mt. Shasta, they were from the other side of the valley shown in the photo.

Click image to download a 1.2-MB PDF of this menu.

The cover also says this menu was used on a “Powers around America Tour.” About the only information about these tours on the web can be found in menus from the various railroad that hosted them. The ones I’ve seen date from between 1937 and 1941 and include the Great Northern and Rock Island as well as Southern Pacific. This particular breakfast menu offers cereal and two eggs plus juice or fruit, bread, and beverage.


Mt. Shasta Menu — 1 Comment

  1. That’s it? Some figs or cereal, and two eggs? Can’t even get figs and cereal, I guess. I wouldn’t be a very happy tour customer with those choices.

    I swear that the photo post processing moved Mt. Shasta closer to the tracks. I’ve only been on that route once, so maybe I slept through this magnificent view. I remember Shasta as being a long way across the valley from my window.

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