1953 Willamette River Breakfast Menu

The caption on this rather boring photo of Oregon’s Willamette River says it shows the “Oregon Yacht Club” in Portland. That’s less impressive than it sounds, as the so-called Oregon Yacht Club is neither a club nor does it have yachts. Instead, it is more of a homeowners’ association for a collection of houseboat slips near Oaks Bottom just north of the Sellwood Bridge. The club currently has one vacant houseboat space that you can buy for a mere $525,000 plus a $545 monthly “commons fee” (including garbage and sewer), prices that pretty much eliminate any cost advantage of living on a houseboat.

Click image to download a 1.6-MB PDF of this menu.

The menu itself is dated July 27, 1953 and has an extensive list of meals and a la carte items. EntrĂ©es include broiled fresh fish, kippered herring, lamb chops, roast beef hash, and the usual combinations of ham or bacon and eggs. I acquired this menu recently so it wasn’t on the UP menu checklist that I posted on August 1. You can download an updated checklist here.

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