Merry Christmas 1964

This menu is undated, but the prices of the deluxe dinner salad and sirloin steak dinner are exactly the same as yesterday’s, so I suspect it is also from 1964 or possibly the year before or year after. Unlike yesterday’s menu. this one has a Christmas photo on the cover, but like yesterday’s menu, it doesn’t wrap around to the back.

Click image to download a 1.6-MB PDF of this menu.

In addition to the steak and salad, the entrĂ©es are swordfish, beef tenderloin, chicken breast, and roast turkey (plus, of course, the salad). Other than the steak, the beef tenderloin dinner is the most expensive at $4, about $30 in today’s money, but the least-expensive, other than the salad, is only 25 cents less. For some reason, unlike yesterday’s, this menu doesn’t offer California red or white wine.

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