1948 Pony Express Menu

Here’s evidence, if anyone needs it, that Union Pacific did not use its color-photo, wraparound menus for all trains after 1947. This menu, for the heavyweight Pony Express, is the same size and has similar meal offerings as early color-photo menus, but the cover is dedicated to one train.

Click image to download a 1.3-MB PDF of this menu.

As we’ll see tomorrow, the menu on the inside is identical to other 1948 Union Pacific breakfast menus. Only the outside cover design is different. The Denver-Salt Lake Pony Express operated from 1926 to 1954.


1948 Pony Express Menu — 1 Comment

  1. America seemed to have a real regularity problem back then, with every breakfast menu I’ve seen offering stewed prunes and Kadota figs in cream. It doesn’t make much sense to order a la carte on this menu. The french toast was 70 cents a la carte and one dollar on the “Select Breakfast” side. Your stewed prunes would set you back 35 cents and a pot of coffee another quarter, so a duplicate of the one dollar fixed price menu would cost $1.30. It was an even better deal if you wanted another fruit, juice, or cereal, since it only cost 20 cents on the fixed price side, and selections from the a la carte side ran from 30 cents to 40 cents. It was pretty similar for the rest of the entrees. Good deal on the UP back then.

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