1941 Dream Lake Breakfast Menu

Although the cover photos show Rocky Mountain National Park instead of Bryce Canyon, this menu has the same exterior format as yesterday’s. Inside is a different story, as this menu was used for a Rotary Convention and only has one meal inside: fruit or cereal, ham or bacon and eggs, hash browns, and a choice of bread and beverages for 75 cents (about $9.50 today).

Click image to download a 1.8-MB PDF of this menu.

This menu would have been used after the 32nd annual convention of Rotary International, which took place in Denver with nearly 9,000 people attending. The particular Rotarians who used this menu were from Waverly, New York (near Binghamton), where their post was chaired by Hart I. Seely, who happened to own several local newspapers and a glove factory in Waverly.

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