Even More Milwaukee Blotters

These Milwaukee Road blotters from the Dale Hastin collection are characterized by having lots of text and minimal graphics. The PDFs range from 350 to 600 KB in size.

Dating blotters is often guesswork, but something tells me that this blotter advertising the morning and afternoon Hiawathas is from 1939.

The emphasis given to air conditioning on this blotter suggests it is from the mid- to late-1930s, after which everyone would assume that any long-distance train was air conditioned.

As a resident of Oregon, it is always curious to me how people in Minnesota consider themselves residents of the “Northwest.” Since the Pioneer Limited didn’t go west of Minneapolis, it is unlikely that “the people of the entire Northwest” would be proud of it, at least not those from North Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington.

The above and below blotters are no doubt two of series of blotters for each of the states served by the Milwaukee.

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