More Milwaukee Road Blotters

Here are four more of Dale Hastin’s Milwaukee Road blotters. The PDFs range from 300 to 500 KB in size.

Inaugurated in 1898, the Pioneer Limited was Milwaukee’s first named train and long its premiere overnight train. This blotter advertises the “new” Pioneer Limited; judging from the illustration, I suspect this refers to new sleeping and observation cars introduced in 1927, suggesting this blotter dates from about that year.

This blotter was probably issued the same year as the one above. The man in the top picture bears an uncomfortable resemblance to Adolph Hitler, but perhaps that was just a common hair style of the era.

As mentioned yesterday, the Arrow went between Chicago and Sioux Falls, SD, but this blotter distributed by Milwaukee’s Omaha agent only mentions the Omaha-Chicago portion.

The Midwest Hiawatha began operating from Chicago to Omaha in 1940, a likely date for this blotter.

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