Coffee Shop Menu

The Western Star’s coffee shop only had 20 seats, which didn’t allow for many customers over the course of a day. But the menu offered almost as many items as the a la carte side of the dining car menu, including fourteen sandwiches, three salads, ten desserts, five kinds of bread (including doughnuts), and coffee, tea, milk, and milkshakes. Curiously, soft drinks are not on the menu.

Click image to download a 0.5-MB PDF of this one-page menu. (The back was blank and so is not included in the PDF.)

This 1957 menu is nicely decorated in three colors with some Indian-like designs at the top, an image of Glacier Park beargrass in the lower half, and the GN and Western Star logos at the bottom. The most expensive thing on the menu, a club sandwich, is $0.95, about $7.75 in today’s money.

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