Frisco Dinner Menu

This menu is from the same collector as yesterday’s, which means it is from about 1963. I originally interpreted the “D-44” code on the interior to mean it was from 1944, but the 44 must have had some other meaning for Frisco’s commissary.

Click image to download a 750-KB PDF of this menu.

The menu offered several entrées on the table d’hôte side, including halibut, oysters, braised beef, omelet, club steak, and half a fried chicken. The a la carte side also had a hot turkey sandwich, complete with potatoes, peas, dessert, and beverage. The steak dinner was $3.25, or about $35 today, while the hot turkey sandwich was $1.75, or about $19 today. The cheapest entrée on the menu was an egg sandwich at 50 cents, or about $6 today.

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