PRR Blotters

These blotters are from the Dale Hastin collection. As usual, click the images to download PDFs of the blotters, which are 300 to 600 KB in size.

Listing agents in Jacksonville, Atlanta, and Washington, the first blotter advertises trains to travelers to and from Florida and the south. Judging from the image, I’d say it dates from the 1920s.

The second blotter notes that the Broadway Limited took 18 hours between Chicago and New York. The train’s time was reduced from 20 hours to 18 in 1932 and to 17-3/4 hours in 193s, so this blotter must be from 1932.

The Liberty Limited typically took a little longer to go from Chicago to Washington as the Broadway did from Chicago to New York, so this blotter must also be from about 1932 or a little later. American Rails says the train was inaugurated as a streamliner in 1938, but it obviously preceded that date as a heavyweight.

Pinning down a date for this blotter is more difficult. Pennsylvania completely electrified its New York-Washington route in 1935, so it from that year or later. It streamlined the Congressional in 1952, so (since the blotter doesn’t mention streamlining) it is from before that year. The time (226 miles in 215 minutes) doesn’t help as the train met that schedule both before and after it was streamlined. Incidentally, that is an average speed of 63 mph; Amtrak’s Acela today averages 84 mph.

This is the only blotter in the set that is clearly from the streamlined and, probably, post-war era. The times noted match those from the 1950 timetable, so it is probably from around that year.

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