Erie Blotters

The Erie Railroad was another also-ran in Chicago-New York service, unable to compete against the New York Central and Pennsylvania except in the cities that it uniquely served along the way. Some of these blotters from the Dale Hastin collection are aimed at travelers to or from those cities.

The first, and probably oldest, blotter is for Jamestown, New York and advertises three trains a day between Jamestown and New York City (really, Jersey City): the Erie Limited, Atlantic Express, and Lake Cities Express.

The second (and probably slightly newer but still pre-war) blotter advertises two trains a day between Chicago and Akron, both of which–the Erie Limited and Atlantic Express–were mentioned on the previous blotter.

The third blotter is for trains “between Chicago and all points” which really means between Chicago and New York. It specifically mentions Akron, Youngstown, Jamestown, Elmira, and Binghamton, cities along Erie’s southern tier route.

The final blotter shows an 1851-era passenger train but doesn’t specifically mention any modern-day train or route. The Erie had gone bankrupt at least twice in its first century (and itself was a descendent of the bankrupt New York & Erie Railroad), so it was lucky to survive until 1951.

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