B&O Prewar Blotters

These blotters from the Dale Hastin collection all seem to predate World War II. Click any image to download a PDF of that blotter. The PDFs are about 0.3 to 0.6 megabytes in size.

This blotter advertising the National Limited must be from after 1926, when B&O began moving New York City passengers to Jersey City by bus, but before 1932, when the train because the first to be completely air conditioned. B&O began operating the National Limited in 1925 and continued until Amtrak took over passenger service in 1971.

B&O streamlined the Royal Blue on June 24, 1935, so this blotter is from 1935 or later. A train of that name began operating in 1890 and continued operating until 1958, when B&O discontinued passenger service to Philadelphia and New York.

Although the Shenandoah was a secondary train to the all-Pullman Capital Limited, B&O introduced a stewardess nurse in 1937, probably because it though women with children were more likely to ride the secondary train. This blotter is from 1937 or 1938, as B&O added a stewardess-nurse to the National Limited in 1939, after which the Shenandoah was no longer the only train in the East with that service.


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