Wabash Post-War Blotters

These blotters are for various Wabash trains including Chicago-St. Louis, St. Louis-Kansas City, and one that went from Chicago to Detroit. Like yesterday’s, these are from the Dale Hastin collection.

This blotter may actually be from the pre-war era as the Red Bird was a Chicago-Detroit train that operated from 1941 to 1949. The similarity of this blotter to the next one, however, suggests it might have been published after the war.

The City of St. Louis began operating as a joint Wabash-Union Pacific train in 1946, so this is definitely a post-war blotter.

The Blue Bird was a Chicago-St. Louis streamliner that began operating in 1938. But it didn’t include dome cars until 1950, so this blotter must date from that year or a little later.

This blotter advertises both the City of St. Louis and a train called the City of Kansas City. The latter name was applied by the Union Pacific to its Kansas City-West Coast train when Wabash cancelled the Kansas City-St. Louis portion of the jointly-run City of St. Louis, but apparently Wabash also used the name for a time when it offered two daily domeliners over the St. Louis-Kansas City route.


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