1961 Canadian Menu

This menu has the familiar painting of the Canadian on Morant’s curve by Chesley Bonestell on the cover. But instead of the dignified (but inappropriate Old English font) “The Canadian” on the cover, as in the 1958 menu, this one advertises “Famous Canadian Pacific Trains,” including the Montreal-Quebec Frontenac and Viger, the Montreal-Saint John Atlantic, Toronto-Chicago Chicago Express, Chicago-Toronto Overseas (Toronto is overseas from Chicago?), and finally The Canadian.

Click image to download a 2.5-MB PDF of this menu.

Not mentioned in the Dominion, which by this time CP was running only in the summer. Since the menu is dated 2-61, the railway may have considered it inadvisable to advertise a train that wouldn’t be running for two or three more months.

The menu itself has the same seven entrées on both the a la carte and table d’hôte sides: sirloin steak, unspecified fish, crabmeat, lamb casserole, mixed grill, roast turkey, and prime ribs. For most of the items, the added cost of going from an a la carte entrée to a full dinner with that same entrée is $1.25 (about $8 today), but for the mixed grill it is only $1, while for the fish it is $1.35 and the steak it is $2. To be fair, the a la carte entree is for a “small sirloin steak,” but the full steak dinner also comes with fewer choices of side dishes and desserts than the other table d’hôte meals.

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