Westward Across Canada

Here’s the companion piece to Canadian Pacific’s Eastward Across Canada. The eastward version is dated 1955 and has “highlights” about the railway from 1953. This one is undated but it has highlights from 1960, so it seems reasonable that this edition was published in 1962. Naturally, it has all the same photos and descriptions but in reverse order.

Click image to download a 24.9-MB PDF of this 32-page booklet.

It is a bit ironic, and presumably unintentional, that the cover of the eastbound version showed an artist’s conception of the streamlined Canadian crossing the Rockies in a westbound direction. Appropriately enough, the cover of the westbound booklet features a Nicholas Morant photo of the Canadian crossing Stoney Creek Bridge in an eastbound direction.

In my discussion of the eastward edition, I noted that its cover was not dominated by yellow like most CP brochures of the era. The westward one is yellow, and perhaps the eastward one was made a different color in order to make the two easily distinguishable from one another.

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