Picture Yourself at Jasper

This 1960 brochure unfolds into the equivalent of 16 8×9-pages, most of which are dedicated to color photos of Jasper Lodge and the scenery around it. In line with the “picture yourself” theme, both the cover and the back of the brochure have an image of a young woman in a pink blouse and skirt taking a photograph. This image is taken from a photo on page 16 of CN’s 1958 Jasper booklet of this woman photographing a mountain lake.

Click image to download an 11.1-MB PDF of this brochure.

This brochure is much smaller than the 1958 booklet and contains much less information about the various activities available to Jasper National Park tourists. Did CN give up on the booklet format, or did it just supplement booklets with this brochure? Probably the only way to answer this question is to find a 1960 booklet, presuming CN published one.

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