On Board the Sunset

The on-board stationery I have for the Sunset Limited uses old English lettering, suggesting that it dates from the heavyweight era. The envelope even says “San Francisco-Los Angeles New Orleans,” showing it is either from before 1930 or between 1936 and 1942, the years the route extended as far as San Francisco.

Click to download a PDF of this on-board stationery.

Click to download a PDF of this envelope.

I don’t have any postcards of the Sunset Limited from the streamlined era either. However, the following photo apparently comes from a 1950 postcard.

Lest the above photo gives the impression that the Sunset Limited does go through some scenery deserving of the round-tailed observation car that the train lacked, here’s a 1956 photo of the train crossing the Rio Grande River showing how desolate much of the route really is. This photo is from the University of North Texas library archives, which was also the source of some of my photos of the Texas Chief and Rock Island Rocket.

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