The Texas Chief

In April, 1948, the Santa Fe introduced the Texas Chief, which connected Chicago with Houston and Galveston via Ft. Worth. Passengers to Dallas had to take a bus from Ft. Worth. The train took 25 hours to get from Chicago to Houston for an average speed of about 54 mph.

The Texas Chief in Oklahoma in 1956. Click image for a larger photo.

The train’s diner featured hammered copper murals above the windows that stretched the length of the dining room on both sides. I remember eating in these cars when they were operated by Amtrak.

The Texas Chief’s dining car. Click image for a larger photo.

The lounge car in this 1956 photo also appears to have a hammered copper artwork in front of the bar, with a Texas star behind the bar.

The Texas Chief’s lounge car. Click image for a larger photo.

This 1951 brochure has color photos of the interior of the train. The lounge car in the brochure appears to be a little different, with a Pueblo Indian symbol in front of the bar and what appears to be etched glass behind it.

Click image to download a 10-MB PDF of this 32-page brochure about the Texas Chief.

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