Santa Fe Miscellaneous Blotters

These blotters from the Dale Hastin collection don’t fall into any particular category. The first one advertises freight service from Wichita to Chicago and Kansas City, and while I’m not particularly interested in freight trains, the background pattern on the blotter is intriguing.

Click images to download PDFs of these blotters, which are all about 0.3 MB in size.

The second blotter advertises the La Salle Hotel, once one of Chicago’s finest, but demolished in 1976. At the same time, the blotter promotes passenger trains from Caldwell, Texas to Los Angeles and San Francisco. Caldwell is on the Santa Fe line from Houston to Temple, Texas, so passengers to California would eventually end up on the Grand Canyon, which split at Barstow with some cars going to L.A. and some to Oakland. The times on the blotter match those on Santa Fe’s 1953 timetable.

The third blotter has the face of a Santa Fe passenger F unit and advertises Santa Fe’s Philadelphia office on the fourteenth floor of the Lincoln-Liberty Building. Built in 1932, today the 28-story building is known as One South Broad.

This blotter encourages Santa Fe train riders to stop at the Alamo in San Antonio. This seems odd as the Santa Fe didn’t go to San Antonio. The card also advertises the Santa Fe office in Colorado Springs. From Google Streetview, the building at 339 E. Pikes Peak Avenue still exists, though it appears heavily modified. It is currently occupied by a cell phone store.

The final blotter has a generic message and advertises Santa Fe’s agent in the Liberty Bank Building in Buffalo, NY. Built in 1925, the 23-story building was once the largest office building in Buffalo and today is still the fifth-tallest.


Santa Fe Miscellaneous Blotters — 2 Comments

  1. There is a LaSalle Hotel in Bryan, Tx (College station)
    about 10 miles from Caldwell. I don’t know of course, but it may be a more logical pairing.

    BTW, love your site and info. I was fortunate to ride a couple trains from this era before Amtrak as a young boy travelling with parents.


  2. ed46,

    That’s fascinating to know. Based solely on the Wikipedia articles, the LaSalle Hotel in Bryan uses no space between the a and the s, while the La Salle Hotel in Chicago does use a space. Since the blotter has a space, I’m leaning toward Chicago, but Bryan could easily be possible.

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