Golden State Route Maps and Description

Published in 1951, this 16-page booklet has the same format as yesterday’s along-the-way booklet for the Shasta Route. The booklet, of course, describes the Rock Island’s portion of the route from Chicago to Tucumcari as well the SP’s portion west of there.

Click image to download an 11.4-MB PDF of this booklet.

On the SP portion, the booklet describes three diverging routes. First, a route between El Paso and Tucson via Douglas was used by most passenger trains followed, while an alternate line via Deming was used by the Argonaut eastbound and local passenger train #43 westbound. Second was a route from Picacho, Arizona to Wellton via Phoenix vs. one via Gila. While the route through Phoenix was 43 miles longer, it was used by all the name trains except the Argonaut, both east- and westbound. Finally a stationless route from Yuma to Niland was used by all name trains while one via El Centro (part of the old Carriso Gorge route) was now used only by a local passenger train.

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