Take a Great Northern Vacation

The four 1925 blotters shown here mostly have a vacation theme in common. The first one, which was distributed by GN’s Kansas City agent, encourages people to go to Glacier Park. This would be on trains 43 and 44, sometimes called the Adventureland, taking the Burlington to Billings and Great Northern to Glacier.

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The next three blotters all use the same graphic of an angler standing in, or possibly next to, a boat on a lack in what is presumably Glacier National Park. The first was distributed by the GN’s St. Louis agent and encourages people to consider taking a tour of the American and Canadian Rockies and Cascade mountains offered by the St. Louis General Assembly. This tour may have contributed to the formation of Burlington Escorted Tours a year or so later.

The second blotter was aimed at residents of Helena, Montana. While Helena is less than a four-hour drive to Glacier Park today, it is likely that many if not most residents of Helena in 1925 had ever visited Glacier. No wonder: $12.20 in 1925 is more than $130 in today’s money.

Today’s final blotter doesn’t specifically mention vacation, but it does offer a “reduced summer rate” from St. Paul to the Pacific Northwest, including Victoria, Vancouver, Glacier, and other tourist destinations. It isn’t clear whether $72 would get travelers to all of those destinations or just one of them, but the apparent low cost must be tempered by the fact that $72 in 1925 is around $800 in today’s money. For comparison, round-trip airfares between the Twin Cities and the Pacific Northwest start at under $300 today.

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