Overland Limited 1949 Breakfast Menu

We’ve already seen this cover on a 1947 lunch menu. The lunch menu was fairly ordinary, with four table d’hôte meals and a few salads, sandwiches, and other a la carte items. This breakfast menu offers more choices, with seven table d’hôte meals that include a choice of juice, fruit, or one of eleven hot or dry cereals, bread and beverage; as well as three smaller meals of fruit, cereal, and griddle cakes or French toast plus a beverage.

Click image to download a 1.3-MB PDF of this menu.

The menu also includes a wide range of a la carte items: lamb chops, fish, three omelets, cereals, various combinations of meat and eggs, and of course griddle cakes and French toast. This raises a question I’ve wondered about before: were menus produced by the Southern Pacific commissary different from ones by the Union Pacific commissary? If so, perhaps this more-extensive menu is from the SP while the slightly less-extensive ones are UP.

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