The Scenic Northwest, 1927

This 52-page brochure is more than twice the length of a 1929 brochure with the same name. Most of the contents of the 1929 brochure can be found in this earlier edition, with some major additions of course.

Click image to download a 36.5-MB PDF of this brochure.

This brochure starts with five pages of photos of “the new Oriental Limited” (which was actually new in 1924), none of which are found in the 1929 edition. Other pages found only in the 1927 edition describe Minnesota lakes, North Dakota beef, the Verendrye monument, Fort Union, Great Falls, Helena, Butte, four additional pages on Glacier Park, the Lewis monument, the Stevens statue, Flathead Lake, Lake Chelan, Mt. Rainier, Everett, Bellingham, Seward Alaska, the Astor and Wishram monuments, and California. Of the 22 pages found in both brochures, perhaps a half a dozen photos were updated; the biggest change dealt with the Cascade Tunnel, as the railway’s new 7.9-mile tunnel opened in 1929.

Click image for a larger view of this 1927 magazine ad inviting people to write for brochures about Burlington escorted tours, Glacier Park, Alaska, or the Orient.

An introduction on page 3 of the 1927 brochure notes that the Great Northern has 8,000 miles of track; the otherwise identical introduction on page 2 of the 1929 edition says 11,000 miles of track. I wonder how Great Northern managed to acquire or build 3,000 miles of new track in just two years.

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