Colorado & Southern 1963 Timetable

The C&S timetable was reduced from 12 pages in the 1946 edition to eight pages in 1963. Yet the railroad still offered two trains a day between Denver and Dallas, trains 1 & 2, the Texas Zephyr, and trains 7 & 8, unnamed in 1963 but called the Gulf Coast Special in 1946. Local trains between Denver and Pueblo or Wichita Falls and Dallas are no longer on the timetable.

Click image to download a 6.3-MB PDF of this 8-page timetable.

In 1946, the C&S had two trains a day between Denver and Cheyenne, one of which connected with the Denver Zephyr and the other went on to Billings. By 1963, the DZ connection was off the timetable. Texas local trains were also gone and the railway no longer advertised Burlington Transportation Company buses between Denver and Boulder.

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