Burlington 1966-67 Timetable

The Burlington timetable that had been 36 pages in 1948 was down to 24 pages in 1966. The major trains and routes were still there, but some secondary trains and most branch line trains were gone.

Click image to download a 18.1-MB PDF of this 24-page timetable.

Even 24 pages seems longer than needed. Nearly two whole pages are devoted to branch lines that had only freight service. While the 1948 timetable had a full page of railway agents, the 1966 timetable had two. The way these timetables are printed, however, page counts must be divisible by 4, so deleting three pages wouldn’t have saved anything.

One thing that has increased is bus service between Denver and Boulder. The 1948 timetable showed eight buses a day each way, down from ten in the 1946 C&S timetable. This service is not mentioned at all in the 1963 C&S timetable, but the 1966 Burlington timetable shows 13 buses a day each way operating under the name Denver-Boulder Bus Company. Denver’s Regional Transit District paid $1.7 million for this company in 1975.


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  1. Another timetable with no actual pictures of the train except for the font cover and the Hertz sketch of the Zephyr E-7. I’m assuming Hertz paid for that ad, which makes me wonder why it showed a 1963 Impala convertible in a 1966-67 timetable? Maybe Hertz was too cheap to pay the artist to substitute a current model Chevy. At least thee were still a few passenger agents left, but you can sure tell Burlington wasn’t making an effort to sell their passenger trains. The miniskirt fashion rage really didn’t begin to sweep the country until about 1965, so I’m surprised to see the babe on the cover with an above the knee skirt. Burlington was pretty racy for a railroad.


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