From Wagon Wheels to Stainless Steel

At first glance, this 1945 brochure appears to be a general history of transportation, but a close look reveals it is actually the Chicago-Denver version of yesterday’s Chicago-Twin Cities along-the-way brochure. Like yesterday’s brochure, the first half is a history of travel over the route and the second half–separated by a picturesque map–is a city-by-city guide along the way.

Click image to download a 13.4-MB PDF of this 20-page brochure.

While most pages of the Mississippi brochure were highlighted with blue (probably for the river), this brochure is decorated with two colors: an orangish-brown that is probably meant to evoke the reddish soils of Colorado and a brighter brown that is probably meant to evoke the gold taken from Colorado mines. The back cover is an ad for Burlington’s “fourteen stainless steel Zephyrs and a fleet of fine steam trains.”

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