Burlington Postcards of Rocky Mountain Park

This postcard has a white border, indicating it was probably published in the 1920s or possibly the late 1910s, when black-and-white photos were hand colored before being made into postcards. Photos like this one show that the colors the artist used for the postcard’s sky are not unrealistic.

Click image to download a PDF of this postcard.

The rest of the card, however, is so muddy that it conveys very little information or excitement. Is that blob in the center left Longs Peak? Are the colorful little splotches at the bottom the town of Estes Park or just someone’s farm? It’s hard to tell, which makes you wonder why the railroad would bother making this into a postcard.

Click image to download a PDF of this postcard. Click here to download an OCR version.

This second postcard appears to date from shortly after the war and seems much more attractive. The lake in the photo might be the ever-popular Bear Lake, but if so the aspen have been replaced by conifers since the photo was taken.

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