NP West: circa 1940

This is an updated version of yesterday’s brochure, with many interior pages exactly alike other than the use of red trim on this booklet. When this brochure was printed, both Bonneville Dam and Timberline Lodge (which opened in 1938) were completed, while Grand Coulee Dam (completed in 1942) was nearing completion. So I’d date this brochure to around 1940 or 1941.

Click image to download an 19.0-MB PDF of this 28-page brochure. Click here to download a non-OCRed version.

The centerfold of this brochure offers “four gateways to Yellowstone National Park,” including Gardiner, Cody, Red Lodge, and (poaching on the Milwaukee Road) Bozeman-Gallatin Gateway. Yesterday’s 1936 brochure featured only three of these, with Gallatin Gateway being mentioned as “another interesting trip.” The Milwaukee had built a beautiful hotel at Gallatin Gateway in 1927, but stopped running its trains to the hotel in 1932, instead conveying people by bus 33 miles from Three Forks. Since NP’s station in Bozeman was 20 miles closer, it had an advantage.

Click image to download an 0.7-MB PDF of this reply card.

Like the 1936 brochure, this one came with a reply card people could use to obtain more information. Someone has torn the card out of this one so I can show it separately instead of stapled in the brochure.

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