NP 1948 Yellowstone

Like the NP West brochure, this one refers to the Red Lodge Gateway as “new,” saying it was “opening to railroad travelers with the 1937 season.” Unlike the West brochure, this one is clearly marked with a 1948 date, and the color cover also suggests that it is much newer than the West brochure. Despite the fact that NP first put its streamlined North Coast Limited in service in 1948, there’s no hint of streamlining anywhere in this brochure, which has at least three pictures of steam-powered heavyweight trains.

Click image to download a 29.9-MB PDF of this 36-page brochure. Click here to download an OCRed version.

Inside, the pages are trimmed with yellow borders but otherwise have just black-and-white photos. The back cover reproduces a painting by Gustav Krollman (the second one shown here) of a Northern Pacific steam-powered passenger train heading up the Paradise Valley to Gardiner. The photo on page 2 shows a steam locomotive at Gardiner that appears to be engine 1824. If so, it is a 2-8-2 Mikado, which may well be the locomotive painted by Krollman.

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