D&RGW 1961 Timetable

Though stretched over six panels, instead of the four used in the 1934 timetable, this timetable has, of course, fewer trains. Gone are the narrow-gauge trains over Marshal and La Veta passes. Gone is the Scenic Limited. Gone are trains down the Marysville, Utah branch.

Click image to download a 3.9-MB PDF of this six-panel timetable.

The extra space on the timetable is used for a map of the system, list of agents, fares, and off-D&RGW timetables of trains, such as the California Zephyr and Colorado Eagle, that go over the Rio Grande for part of their route. What remains are the California Zephyr (a fitting replacement for the Scenic Limited), Prospector (the overnight Denver-Salt Lake counterpart to the Cal Zephyr), Royal Gorge, and the Denver-Pueblo portion of the Colorado Eagle.

Click image to download a PDF of this postcard.

There’s also one new train on the timetable: the Yampa Valley Mail, trains 9 and 10, connecting Denver with Steamboat Springs and Craig, Colorado. This wasn’t on the 1934 D&RGW timetable because it was then run by the Denver and Salt Lake Railroad, which wasn’t merged into the D&RGW until 1947. The above 1962 photo shows an Alco PA, which the Rio Grande had purchased to pull the California Zephyr, pulling a train consisting of two heavyweight cars. Later in the 1960s, the heavyweights were replaced by streamlined cars including a dome car from the Royal Gorge after that train was cut back to Denver-Salida in 1964.

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