The Nebraska Zephyr

When Burlington replaced the 1936 Twin Cities Zephyr (the trains of the gods and goddesses) with the vista-dome Twin Cities Zephyr in 1947, it put the 1936 trains to work between Chicago and Lincoln, via Omaha. The re-christened Nebraska Zephyr covered the 551-mile distance in less than 10 hours for an average speed of 56 mph.

This postcard was mailed on April 27, 1951, and says, “Just arrived back from Omaha convention on this train. Marvelous train.” Click image to download a PDF of this postcard.

Burlington soon replaced the shovel-nosed locomotives with stainless-steel-clad E5s, and in 1968 it finally replaced the cars named after gods and goddesses with newer cars. The train of the gods (along with the Denver Zephyr) is currently in Saudi Arabia, where it can supposedly be seen in Google satellite view. The E5-led train of the goddesses is at the Illinois Railroad Museum, which occasionally fires it up and runs it.

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