This booklet doesn’t look anything like the map-on-cover guides that Union Pacific had published immediately prior to 1941. As shown below, the two-panel cover (which is actually the back cover; the front cover has a black-and-white photo of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge) presents two crisp, color photos. The paper is flimsy, magazine-weight paper, not the stiff book paper used in the other tour guides. The 8″x9″ format more closely resembles a timetable than the 7×10 format of the map-on-cover guides.

Click image to download a 25.0-MB PDF of this 36-page booklet.

Yet the photos and text inside are almost identical to the California map-on-cover guide. I haven’t seen any similar booklets for Colorado, the Pacific Northwest, Yellowstone, or Zion, so it is hard to know if this was an experiment or just an attempt to save money by using less-expensive paper. Nearly all of the text and photos that fit into 52 pages of the map-on-cover guide are squeezed into 36 lower-cost pages here, and many of the photos are actually larger than in the older booklet.

I’ve listed this as a 1941 booklet, but it was probably printed for the 1942 season. The maps are dated June, 1941, but this particular booklet has a stamped correction to meal prices “effective October 31, 1941.” Considering events little more than a month after that, there probably wasn’t much of a 1942 tourist season anyway.

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