Serves All the West

The booklets I’ve been presenting can take an hour to scan and turn into PDFs, so I’m interspersing them with some short pieces such as pages from railroad note pads. Union Pacific liked to use the slogan, “Serves all the West” on its box cars as well as on note pads and other advertising. The map on this note pad does seem to indicate that the railroad serves all the West, at least so long as you don’t count Arizona or New Mexico as part of the West.

Click image to download a PDF of a page from this note pad.

The other problem with this map is that several routes shown in red aren’t actually Union Pacific routes. Ogden-San Francisco was Southern Pacific; Kansas City-St. Louis was Wabash; and Omaha-Chicago was Milwaukee, North Western, or possibly Rock Island. But, as we’ve seen before, it wasn’t unusual for a railroad’s ads to claim connecting rail routes as their own.

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