Blazed Trail of the Old Frontier

As I noted in my concluding post about the Upper Missouri Historical Expedition, Agnes Laut wrote this book after the expedition recording most of the events and many of the speeches and lectures. The book is illustrated with 21 photos and dozens of drawings by Charles Russell.

Click image to download a 42.2-MB PDF of this book.

In my post, I noted that I have a copy of the book but hadn’t taken the time to scan it all. Since then, I’ve discovered that Google has scanned it, but doesn’t make it available on Google books. Instead, it is available on the Hathitrust site. Unfortunately, Hathitrust only allows people to download books one page at a time unless you are a member of the trust, and membership is basically limited to large libraries. So I downloaded it, page by page, and assembled it into this PDF.

Google scanners missed a couple of pages as well as a fold-out map. I scanned the missing pages and included them in this PDF along with my scan of the front and back covers. It is a large file but I hope you will enjoy it; if you do, please consider it my holiday present to you.

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