A Preview of Train X

Here’s a big (8-1/2″x11″) brochure touting the benefits of Train X, Pullman-Standard’s entry into the ultra-lightweight passenger train race that took place in the late 1950s. As previously related here, only two railroads–the New York Central and New Haven–purchased versions of Train X, and both were withdrawn from service after less than 15 months of operation.

Click image to download a 5.1-MB PDF of this eight-page brochure.

The brochure focuses on the train’s small profile, light weight, its tilting capabilities, and the ability to cram a lot of people into a few cars. Although the tilting was supposed to make the ride more comfortable, it could not overcome the poor ride quality of the ultra-lightweight cars.

I don’t see a date on this booklet, but we might guess it was from 1956, when the New York Central and New Haven railroads first put versions of the train into service. However, I suspect that guess would be wrong: tomorrow’s post will have a brochure from 1948 that promotes Train X with much the same language as this one.

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