Great Northern News

Great Northern distributed this slightly-smaller-than-tabloid-sized newspaper at the 1949 Chicago Rail Fair. However, a note at the top states that this particular edition was printed after the fair and admits that “a minor portion” of the paper “is obsolete due to later developments.”

Click image to download a 12.0-MB PDF of this brochure.

Inside are photos of the streamlined Empire Builder, Glacier Park, the Pacific Northwest, and even a steam locomotive pulling a freight train. The back page has a brief history of the railway, including photos of James J. Hill (flipped), the William Crooks, and the statue of John F. Stevens at Marias Pass.

The centerfold has a faded color photo of the Empire Builder along Puget Sound, taken by Ken Hedrich of Hedrich-Blessing. The people in the boat are Great Northern employees. I’ve previously shown a postcard version of this photo, and a similar photo was staged some nine years later featuring the Great Domed Empire Builder.

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