Fisherman’s Wharf Menu

This menu, dated September 8, 1949, offers four luncheon meals: chef’s salad ($1.45, about $12 today), halibut ($1.65), boiled brisket of corned beef ($1.65), and a club sandwich ($1.85), all of which (except for the chef’s salad) come with juice, bread, potato, vegetable, dessert, and beverage. The chef’s salad only comes with bread, dessert, and beverage. The a la carte side also includes a sirloin steak for $2.75 (about $22 today).

Click image to download a 1.4-MB PDF of this menu.

The boats in the photo are part of the “Italian fishing fleet,” with the photo caption comparing it with the fishing fleet in Naples, Italy. Though taken more than 60 years later, the Naples marina in the photo below does bear a resemblance. This photo was taken by Trey Ratcliff, one of the finest high-dynamic range photographers in the world. His Stuck in Customs web site has a tutorial that should be read by every photographer who wants to do more than take family pictures.

Click image for a larger view of these fishing boats in Naples, Italy. Photo by Trey Ratcliff.

The photo below shows that the San Francisco fishing fleet still exists, although I’m not sure how close the location of this photo is to the one on the menu.

Click image for a larger view of these boats at Fisherman’s Wharf. This Flickr photo was taken in 2006 by Jonathan Moreau.

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