Santa Fe “Chief Way” Stationery

Although the Santa Fe had special stationery for its premiere trains such as the Super Chief and even secondary trains such as the Kansas City-Galveston Ranger, it must have used this somewhat generic stationery for some of its lesser trains. In this case, “the Chief Way” doesn’t refer to the Chief or even Texas Chief but simply an admonition that the Santa Fe should be people’s chief mode of transportation on the routes it covered.

Click image to download a PDF of this letterhead; click here to download a PDF of the matching envelope.

Assuming they didn’t have their own stationery, this stationery might have been used on the Chicagoan/Kansas Cityan (shouldn’t that be spelled “Citian”?), a streamlined train that operated between those two cities between 1938 and 1968; the Kansas City-Tulsa Oil Flyer (1940-1968); the Kansas City-Tulsa Tulsan (1939-1971); Oakland-Bakersfield Golden Gate (1938-1965). All of these trains were streamlined and all had observation cars and thus were likely to make stationery available to passengers.

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