St. Mary Lake Menu

Unlike yesterday’s menu, which is from my personal collection, this one is from the New York Public Library. Like yesterday’s, this dinner menu is dated 1946, but the prices are the lower prices as the 1947 menu. Where today’s menu has a lengthy message assuring compliance with war-related price controls, yesterday’s has a shorter message saying that it complies with the price controls “as amended 1946.” Perhaps the Great Northern took advantage of that amendment to raise prices, then reduced them again in 1947 (by which time price controls had been completely lifted) in response to customer feedback.

Click image to download a 0.7-MB PDF of this menu.

While the cover photo of Lake Josephine on yesterday’s menu was gorgeous, the photo of St. Mary Lake on this menu is a disappointment. It must have been taken in the afternoon, as the mountains in the middleground are in shadow, and the little island in the center of the lake is apparently obscured by the tree in the foreground. If Great Northern’s photographer had gotten up a few hours earlier, he or she might have gotten a photo like this spectacular 2009 picture by Stephen Oachs.

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