Lake Josephine Menu

Here’s another dinner menu in Great Northern’s Glacier Park series, this one from 1946 showing Lake Josephine, in the Many Glacier region. The menu itself is similar to, but actually slightly higher-priced than, the 1947 Empire Builder menu presented here recently. The number 1 plated dinner, for example is $1.50 in this menu but only $1.25 in the 1947 menu, while the number 2 dinner is 85 cents vs. 65 cents.

Click image to download a 1.4-MB PDF of this menu.

The beautiful cover photo shows a lake that is a two-mile walk from Great Northern’s Many Glacier Hotel. Alternatively, there is a boat cruise to the end of Swift Current Lake, and from there it is just a “steep, 400 yard walk” to another boat that can take customers across Lake Josephine.

Click image for a larger view.

I searched the web to see if anyone had taken another photo from the same spot and, amazingly, the closest example was by the same Steve Brown whose 1960s photos of the North Coast Limited, California Zephyr, and other trains have graced this blog. Steve’s 1977 photo of Lake Josephine is almost identical to the GN photo except that the little pond in the foreground of the earlier photo seems to have dried up in the intervening years.

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