1916 (?) Glacier Park Brochure

This incomplete document seems to be a mock-up for a brochure advertising Glacier Park hotels. The person I acquired it from thought it was from about 1916, which is possible as the three hotels mentioned were all built by that date. But it could also be from a few years later.

Click image to download a 3.7-MB PDF of this brochure.

The full brochure has six panels. One panel has Glacier Park Hotel, “visited the first day.” The next panel features Two Medicine Lake, also “visited the first day.” The next panel has Going to the Sun Chalets, “visited the third day.” The two panels below are devoted to Many Glacier, but they don’t say what day that is visited.

I’ve never seen an actual brochure based on these paintings. Someone else has posted a brochure on the Internet archive titled “Carefree Vacations” that is a bit similar. But it dates from the late 1930s, and I don’t think the clothing styles of the above brochure are that recent.

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