1958 Blackfeet Portraits Envelope

In 1958, the Great Northern published a second edition of its portfolio of Winold Reiss portraits. All 24 portraits were different from the ones in the 1940/1947 edition, and only 11 were from the 1935 book on Blackfeet Indians. This portfolio apparently did not sell as well or as long as the earlier one, as it is far less common.

Click image to download a 1.1-MB PDF of this envelope.

The envelopes for the two portfolios have the same basic color schemes, but the twelve Indians armed with bows-and-arrows on the 1940 envelope could be perceived as hostile, while the single Indian hunting a deer on the 1958 envelope is more benign. The 1958 portfolio lacks a price tag, but it appears that both were sold at book stores rather than on board Great Northern trains.

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