Winold Reiss 1940 Portfolio

The 24 prints in the Winold Reiss portfolio measure 9″x12″, though the images on the prints are just 7.25″x9.7″. Each print also has a very brief description of the painting, which are shorter versions of the descriptions that appeared in GN’s 1935 book. Even the longer versions in the book leave out a lot of detail, such as when the painting was made and when the people in the paintings were born.

Click image to download a 12.6-MB PDF of all 24 portraits.

Most of the paintings show Indians wearing some sort of ceremonial garb, but the Blackfeet were said to especially appreciate Reiss for his willingness to paint them in everyday clothes as well. The everyday paintings were not as marketable, either to Louis Hill or the general public, but a few are included in the book. For example, Lazy Boy is shown on the eighth page of this portfolio and page 50 of the book is also shown, in everyday clothes, on page 59 of the book. The originals of most of these paintings are at the BNSF headquarters in Ft. Worth.

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