Grinnell Lake Menu

Like the Little Chief Mountain menu shown here previously, this menu is from 1941. While the two are not exactly the same, the main entrées seem to have been simply rearranged.

Click image to download a 652-KB PDF of this menu.

Both menus offer “seasonable fish, broiled or fried.” But one menu has “chicken saute on toast” while the other is just “chicken [with] savory dressing.” One has “charcoal grilled” steak; the other is “charcoal broiled.” The a la carte sides are nearly identical, but one has apple fritters while the other only as “assorted cold cuts.”

Grinnell Lake is named after George Bird Grinnell, a naturalist who is often credited with leading the movement to create Glacier National Park. Of course, Louis Hill was also a part of that movement but worked more behind the scenes.

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