Another Reiss Menu

Today’s lunch menu features two Blackfeet Indians, After Buffalo (also known as Peter After Buffalo) and Nightshoots (or Night Shoot). After Buffalo was born in 1863, which would make him 54 years old when Reiss painting this portrait. Nightshoots may have been a few years younger, as he had a daughter named Josephine Night Shoot who was born in 1901.

Click image to download a 2.3-MB PDF of this menu.

Reiss did at least two other portraits of Night Shoot, one of which was purchased by the Great Northern and distributed with its Blackfeet Indian prints. In this painting, he is wearing a tall hat similar to that worn by Riding Black Horses in the photo.

Click image for a larger view.

The other portrait was done in 1927 and shows Night Shoot holding a bow and arrow. Although BNSF still has many of the paintings that Louis Hill purchased from Reiss, all of these portraits, along with the portraits used on the menu covers, are now in the Anschutz Collection in Denver, Colorado. Reiss did at least one other full-sized portrait, of two Indians named Many White Horses and Eagle Calf. The original of this painting, which as far as I know was not used on a GN menu, recently sold at auction for $187,000 (and wasn’t even the most expensive Reiss painting in the sale).

The menu itself has similar prices to the previous Reiss menu, but a somewhat different selection. While the previous menu celebrates “National Beef Month” by emphasizing steaks a la carte, today’s also has fried oysters and oyster stew.

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