COLA Las Vegas Lunch Menu

This menu is dated 1970, but the automobiles in the image appear much older; the newest seems to be a 1961 Pontiac. The “Bingo” sign on the 1959 Las Vegas menu was replaced by the “Lucky” sign on the right side of this menu in 1961, so this photo probably dates from 1961. By comparison, the photo on the 1959 menu shows a 1957 Mercury. So though the menus are dated 11 years apart, the photos are only about four years apart.

Click image to download a 2.2-MB PDF of this menu.

The 1970 menu includes nine entrées on the a la carte side and five on the full-meal side. Only one, a Spanish omelet, is on both sides: $1.75 (about $10.50 today) a la carte or $2.25 (about $13.50 today) with French fries, bread, dessert, and beverage. The a la carte side also has seven sandwiches that come with cole slaw or French fries and a beverage.

Dining car china collectors will be interested to know that, in 1970, they could have purchased a demitasse cup-and-saucer set from the dining car steward. No doubt this was in the Winged Streamliner pattern. No price is given, but they typically sell for about $40 to $50 today.

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